nr. 1 Specialism, Power saving and power efficiency solutions, we develop on our own for more then twenty years, custom made power saving and efficiency solutions in IT and Building power consumption

Patton Gateway Solutions

IBM System X High Performance Servers.

Fujitsu Primergy range Servers

Cisco Network Solutions and self developed network solutions

Mobile Solutions, 2G, 3G, 4G, Wifi, Satellite,
long distance wifi.
Long Distance data communication

There is no way?


Magic Computing in a nutshell:

You have an IT Problem?
You searched for a way to solve that problem?
The specialists say: there is no way.

Call Us, we build a way to solve that problem.

Relax, where a will is, comes a way, even trough the dessert.

Magic Computing, the word alone tells enough.

Everything we do about Information Technology is mostly considered as impossible. So what we do, is for many people Magic, and so is the name Magic Computing arised.

We think, that “impossible” don’t exist, it is simply not possible by the normal ways to fix it.

So our normal way to fix the things that have to be fixed is, we develop a new way to fix it. That’s our Power.

We fix via even for specialists abnormal ways, the most weird technical problems we get on our path.

Our Specialism summary in a nut shell on the left side.

That is what we do in a nut shell, If you have an IT Problem, find out, what we do more then here described.


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Thank you for your time an interest

Over more then twenty years, special solutions and, keep it simple solutions



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Magic Computing is a part of Coöperatie CMR U.A. The Netherlands KvK: 14097493 Maastricht (NL)